Thursday, January 15, 2015

The House that Love Built: The Ronald McDonald House

This  House is a blessing to so many families every single day, I don't know how we could do this without them. Most of us go through our lives never expecting to depend on others in such a way and then suddenly without notice our lives halt and we find ourselves on the receiving side of giving.

I pray that one day soon our family will switch sides and become a giver once again, however the next time around we will have a much different perspective.

Our journey has taught me an invaluable lesson; giving in any form is an immeasurable gift to those that need it most, while receiving is extremely humbling and will forever change you for the good.

Thank you to the Ronald McDonald House and to everyone that gives of their time or money to make this a home to families like ours. 
You can help make this house a home.

Ronald McDonald House News Letter
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