Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How Much More Can Our Hearts Take

I used to live in a world where I rarely had to think about sickness affecting children, let alone mourn the loss of them. I miss that world. I'm not sure how much more our broken hearts can take.

When Cohen learned about his dear friend Dylan passing into the arms of Jesus he collapsed onto my lap sobbing, "Not another friend!" These past two years have been difficult. We have had to say good-bye to so many friends and have others that are still fighting for their lives. 

Yes, "Another" sweet friend of ours has battled mountains that no child should ever have to and experienced life like many never will. And like so many of these young beautiful souls Dylan too created a legacy, in almost 13 years, he impacted the world more than most of us ever will.

We met this incredible little guy when we were first admitted to CCHMC three years ago. Daily, he would come and stand at our hospital room door trying to lift Cohen's spirits. If Cohen would cry he would come to check on him, bring him gifts, or offer to play with him in the hallway. These two bonded immediately. Neither can eat food which allowed Dylan to understand Cohen's life at a level I will never be able too. 

Last winter, after Cohen had gone into acute liver failure the two were once again on the same floor.  Almost everyday Dylan had a new gift for Cohen, encouraging his love for reptiles and dinosaurs, and spoiling him rotten. Dylan received a remote control car for Christmas and gladly shared it with my grabby little toddler, never complaining or fearful of him breaking it. I always knew when Dylan had visited Cohen while I was away by the sweet lingering smell of his famous cologne. His beautiful spirit was definitely beyond his years.

Many of Dylan's organs may have weakened over time but his heart was surely not one of them. Dylan was the most caring, loving, little boy that I ever have had the privilege of meeting. His roots run deep because of the dedication and love his parents Diana and Terry have instilled in him. It's no wonder Dylan was such a gift to others, he witnessed his parents modeling kindness daily.

Hospital days are difficult but those trials create bonds between families. Terry and Diana never shied away from loving on others in the midst of their own trials. Many times Diana would come and rescue me from my stress and fearful thoughts with her sweet smile and loving hugs. I came to look forward to our mornings by the coffeepot as we chatted through our sleep deprived foggy minds.

Terry and Diana, you are incredible examples of faithfulness. You have shined Dylan's light and shown the world what TRUE faith looks like, I am honored to know you. I will never forget the time when many of our families, that share this incredible bond, stood and prayed together at the RMH for Dylan and Mackenzie. God's arms were around us then just as they are now. 

I know that nothing can numb the pain of no longer hearing his sweet voice or holding him close, but please know you are not alone and you are loved.

My heart hurts so deeply for you right now. I am clinging to the hope of tomorrow, grateful that this world is not the end. My peace comes from knowing that one day we will be reunited with your sweet boy with the biggest heart.

Dylan, you left an amazing legacy for all of us to live up to. You set the bar high by your example of caring for others, even in the midst of your own struggles. You have challenged the world to live as you did, I pray we make you proud.
Please lift this wonderful family up in your prayers. You can see more of Dylan's amazing legacy by visiting his Facebook page Pray for Dylan Trevino 

"Me miss you Dylan." ~ Your little buddy Cohen
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