Saturday, July 30, 2011

Honey, Just Go......

There are so many things that seem like priorities in the moments that I am attending to them.  Sometimes they are bills that I am trying to get paid, time needed to prepare meals and  clean the house or sometimes it is just working on the computer.  Although I am somewhat justified to call them priorities, there are always bigger needs to be met!

Today as I sat and read an excerpt from one of Charles Swindoll's books I realized my folly.  When I am engaged in these activities I often loose sight of what is truly important.  So many times when I am trying to accomplish a task I am interrupted with a, "mama, mama. mama!"  Don't get me wrong I love attending to my little ones needs however they don't always fit very well into my agenda.  When I reflected on these moments this morning I began to hear my own voice saying, "honey, just go play right now.....honey, just go get a drink......honey, just go in the other room, I will be there in a minute.....honey, just go......

I suddenly heard my own words for the first time, the words that my little ones have heard so many times.  How often I Have I said, "just go"?  I don't really mean that I want them to go away, just fit their needs into my!  I love these teachable moments that God gives me.... second chances for me to get it right.  

My morning epiphany: A child that is told, "honey just go" will oblige the request by just going.......they will eventually just stop returning  There will never be anything more important than my children, but they will never see it that way if my actions don't reflect my words.  So I will do my best to change my words and my attitude towards these little interruptions and be thankful for the desires of their hearts!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety most frequently occurs between and infant and it's mama but today I witnessed a new kind.  We spent the afternoon with some very dear friends of ours and as we started to leave they asked if my oldest could stay the night with their boys.  Of course my little man was beside himself with delight at the opportunity for more swimming, fishing, and hanging out with fellow males.  But what happened next took me by we began to leave my sweet little girl began sobbing.  She didn't not want to leave her brother, she just couldn't pull herself together.  I was so surprised by her reaction!

And then it hit me.... in all of her six years of life she has not spent one night away from him.  It isn't very often that they aren't with me, in fact I can count on one hand the nights they have spent away from me (all but one of those was because I was in the hospital having a baby).  I know that may sound strange to some people but I just don't like to be without them or my husband for that matter.  I enjoy us all being together and I realize that these opportunities are only for a short season in our life.  I don't won't to miss a moment with each of these wonderful blessings.

It has been a rough evening for my sweet little angel, she talks about him every chance she gets.  She wants to save everything that we give her so that she can give it to him in the morning.  I love the fact the my little ones care so deeply for each other and I pray that these relationships carry over into adulthood.

PS Mama misses you too sweet baby boy, this house is too quiet without you.....  I can't wait to see your sweet smile in the morning!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the Hearts of Children

I have been watching the reactions to my little ones when they listen to the words of others.  I see their faces full of light and excitement when the words fill them with joy but I have also seen the confusion and sorrow that comes from words that hurt.  I have heard it said somewhere that it takes 10 encouraging words to erase just one negative. 

Words slip off our lips so easily without much thought but they reverberate in the hearts of children for years.  Nowhere else will your words ever have such an impact as in the heart of  a child!


Children believe what they hear and determine their own value by those reverberating words in their hearts.  It is so easy to build up these little treasures but even easier to tear them down.  I pray that my children's hearts will always be filled with words that will encourage them and bring them joy.  

Words are so powerful, they last only a moment on the tongue but a
 lifetime in someone's heart!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Just Looking but Truly Seeing

As I took full advantage of some one on one time with my youngest today I realized something...
I am so busy taking care of her and her siblings that I forget to really see them.  I looked at her this evening and realized that although I had picked her up many times, talked to her, kissed her and even read to her, I hadn't really spent time looking into her eyes today.  

Those sweet bright beautiful blue eyes, I had scurried through day and missed my chance to enjoy the light that shines from them.

There are so many needs that must be met, as I work to make sure that everyone is well cared for I am often robbed of truly enjoying each moment.  Days tick by so fast, before I realize it a day is over then a week and eventually months.   When I look through our pictures I am taken aback at how quickly my little ones are changing.  Oh how their changes escape me on a daily basis but their pictures serve as a bitter sweet reminder.

I wish I could grab hold of time and stretch it out to my liking.  I would be able to absorb the beauty of every moment, never missing a single detail of their lives.  I can see this life flying by at an out of control pace, each day blends into the next. 

So until I find the magic button that will slow down the hands of time, 
I will do my best to not just look at my children tomorrow but truly see them....
before they have a chance to change again!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Rear View Mirror

While driving down the road I noticed all the peaceful little faces in my rear view mirror.  Two were sleeping while the other two just gazed longingly out of the widow.  I had a flash of wisdom that pasted over me,  a simple moment that gave me an opportunity to take a glimpse at the bigger picture.

These precious little faces where in a state of peaceful content simply because they were in my presence.  As they sat in that car they had no fears or concerns, they just simply rested on the assurance that mama had it all under control.  

I realized that that moment in the car bore such a resemblance to the way we "travel" through our everyday.  As I drove down the road the world just passed by their little eyes, never once did they give a thought to the pending dangers that lurked around every bend.  Their sweet little minds were totally unaware that our well being depended on my quick judgement, alertness, and ability to avoid danger.  I was the one guiding them to safety and it was my job to protect them from the obstacles around us...  it never occurred to them that they would be anything but safe.

These little ones were left in my care, I was charged with the responsibility of guiding them through infancy and into adulthood.  They are not concerned that I am doing everything needed to prepare them for their journeys.  They just depended on me to have all of the answer, make all the right decisions, and lead them in the right direction.

When I stop to consider the immense weight on my shoulders I am aw struck!  I want to provide my children with everything they need to be the people they were created to be.  It is my job to equip them with the tools they need to live up to their full potential.  So, I will prayerfully seek guidance and trust that God will provide me with the wisdom I need.  

I must remember that it was God that entrusted me with these little ones and He will provide me with everything I need to rear them according to His will.  I couldn't do this if God wasn't giving me the strength and wisdom that is required for this mighty job.  I truly believe that He never intended for us to take on this task on alone, it was His intention all along to walk this journey with us.  When we try to go at it alone we struggle, lack confidence, and become fatigued.

So for the sake of these little ones I will do my very best and never forget to return to God regularly to request my daily ration of patience, peace, and wisdom.

Colossians 1:9b
Do not cease to pray... and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
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