Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Rear View Mirror

While driving down the road I noticed all the peaceful little faces in my rear view mirror.  Two were sleeping while the other two just gazed longingly out of the widow.  I had a flash of wisdom that pasted over me,  a simple moment that gave me an opportunity to take a glimpse at the bigger picture.

These precious little faces where in a state of peaceful content simply because they were in my presence.  As they sat in that car they had no fears or concerns, they just simply rested on the assurance that mama had it all under control.  

I realized that that moment in the car bore such a resemblance to the way we "travel" through our everyday.  As I drove down the road the world just passed by their little eyes, never once did they give a thought to the pending dangers that lurked around every bend.  Their sweet little minds were totally unaware that our well being depended on my quick judgement, alertness, and ability to avoid danger.  I was the one guiding them to safety and it was my job to protect them from the obstacles around us...  it never occurred to them that they would be anything but safe.

These little ones were left in my care, I was charged with the responsibility of guiding them through infancy and into adulthood.  They are not concerned that I am doing everything needed to prepare them for their journeys.  They just depended on me to have all of the answer, make all the right decisions, and lead them in the right direction.

When I stop to consider the immense weight on my shoulders I am aw struck!  I want to provide my children with everything they need to be the people they were created to be.  It is my job to equip them with the tools they need to live up to their full potential.  So, I will prayerfully seek guidance and trust that God will provide me with the wisdom I need.  

I must remember that it was God that entrusted me with these little ones and He will provide me with everything I need to rear them according to His will.  I couldn't do this if God wasn't giving me the strength and wisdom that is required for this mighty job.  I truly believe that He never intended for us to take on this task on alone, it was His intention all along to walk this journey with us.  When we try to go at it alone we struggle, lack confidence, and become fatigued.

So for the sake of these little ones I will do my very best and never forget to return to God regularly to request my daily ration of patience, peace, and wisdom.

Colossians 1:9b
Do not cease to pray... and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
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