Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the Hearts of Children

I have been watching the reactions to my little ones when they listen to the words of others.  I see their faces full of light and excitement when the words fill them with joy but I have also seen the confusion and sorrow that comes from words that hurt.  I have heard it said somewhere that it takes 10 encouraging words to erase just one negative. 

Words slip off our lips so easily without much thought but they reverberate in the hearts of children for years.  Nowhere else will your words ever have such an impact as in the heart of  a child!


Children believe what they hear and determine their own value by those reverberating words in their hearts.  It is so easy to build up these little treasures but even easier to tear them down.  I pray that my children's hearts will always be filled with words that will encourage them and bring them joy.  

Words are so powerful, they last only a moment on the tongue but a
 lifetime in someone's heart!

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