Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Just Looking but Truly Seeing

As I took full advantage of some one on one time with my youngest today I realized something...
I am so busy taking care of her and her siblings that I forget to really see them.  I looked at her this evening and realized that although I had picked her up many times, talked to her, kissed her and even read to her, I hadn't really spent time looking into her eyes today.  

Those sweet bright beautiful blue eyes, I had scurried through day and missed my chance to enjoy the light that shines from them.

There are so many needs that must be met, as I work to make sure that everyone is well cared for I am often robbed of truly enjoying each moment.  Days tick by so fast, before I realize it a day is over then a week and eventually months.   When I look through our pictures I am taken aback at how quickly my little ones are changing.  Oh how their changes escape me on a daily basis but their pictures serve as a bitter sweet reminder.

I wish I could grab hold of time and stretch it out to my liking.  I would be able to absorb the beauty of every moment, never missing a single detail of their lives.  I can see this life flying by at an out of control pace, each day blends into the next. 

So until I find the magic button that will slow down the hands of time, 
I will do my best to not just look at my children tomorrow but truly see them....
before they have a chance to change again!

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