Saturday, July 30, 2011

Honey, Just Go......

There are so many things that seem like priorities in the moments that I am attending to them.  Sometimes they are bills that I am trying to get paid, time needed to prepare meals and  clean the house or sometimes it is just working on the computer.  Although I am somewhat justified to call them priorities, there are always bigger needs to be met!

Today as I sat and read an excerpt from one of Charles Swindoll's books I realized my folly.  When I am engaged in these activities I often loose sight of what is truly important.  So many times when I am trying to accomplish a task I am interrupted with a, "mama, mama. mama!"  Don't get me wrong I love attending to my little ones needs however they don't always fit very well into my agenda.  When I reflected on these moments this morning I began to hear my own voice saying, "honey, just go play right now.....honey, just go get a drink......honey, just go in the other room, I will be there in a minute.....honey, just go......

I suddenly heard my own words for the first time, the words that my little ones have heard so many times.  How often I Have I said, "just go"?  I don't really mean that I want them to go away, just fit their needs into my!  I love these teachable moments that God gives me.... second chances for me to get it right.  

My morning epiphany: A child that is told, "honey just go" will oblige the request by just going.......they will eventually just stop returning  There will never be anything more important than my children, but they will never see it that way if my actions don't reflect my words.  So I will do my best to change my words and my attitude towards these little interruptions and be thankful for the desires of their hearts!

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