Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Mama Magnet!

I have had a sneaky suspicion for a long time that mothers are built with a ''mama magnet" built into them, it's kind of like a homing device created by God.  For a while now I have been investigating this theory but it wasn't until baby number four began to crawl (or scoot, for a better description) that I concluded that my theory was correct.

I can be anywhere in the house.... alone and before I know it I am surrounded by little bodies, they just start to filter in one by one.  It doesn't matter what they are engaged in when their homing devices go off, they just relocate their activities to the room that I am occupying.  There have been many occasions when I have been working in a room by myself and looked up to find every child that I gave birth to sitting in the room with me, each playing independently.

Now that the littlest one is mobile there is no denying the theory.  I have left her on the floor in one room so that I could retrieve something from another and she not only finds me on her own but overcomes many obstacles to reunite herself with me.  It has kind of become a game now, she loves to chase me down the hall....pretty good for a baby that crawls on her belly!

I have to admit I rather enjoy the fact that my little ones just sometimes need to breath the same air as me.  They must find a certain level of security from just being in my presence.... 
I hope and pray that I will always be able to provide them with this gift.  
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