Thursday, July 28, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety most frequently occurs between and infant and it's mama but today I witnessed a new kind.  We spent the afternoon with some very dear friends of ours and as we started to leave they asked if my oldest could stay the night with their boys.  Of course my little man was beside himself with delight at the opportunity for more swimming, fishing, and hanging out with fellow males.  But what happened next took me by we began to leave my sweet little girl began sobbing.  She didn't not want to leave her brother, she just couldn't pull herself together.  I was so surprised by her reaction!

And then it hit me.... in all of her six years of life she has not spent one night away from him.  It isn't very often that they aren't with me, in fact I can count on one hand the nights they have spent away from me (all but one of those was because I was in the hospital having a baby).  I know that may sound strange to some people but I just don't like to be without them or my husband for that matter.  I enjoy us all being together and I realize that these opportunities are only for a short season in our life.  I don't won't to miss a moment with each of these wonderful blessings.

It has been a rough evening for my sweet little angel, she talks about him every chance she gets.  She wants to save everything that we give her so that she can give it to him in the morning.  I love the fact the my little ones care so deeply for each other and I pray that these relationships carry over into adulthood.

PS Mama misses you too sweet baby boy, this house is too quiet without you.....  I can't wait to see your sweet smile in the morning!
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