Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dear God

Dear God,

He is so little. I will never understand why some people are born with broken bodies while the rest of us enjoy the freedom of properly functioning ones. It hurts so much to see him suffer. How do I trade places? Why can't I take on the broken body for him? The pain of watching him struggle is unbearable at times but what is worse is knowing I am helpless in taking it from him.

When does our mountain move, our storm stop raging, and the sails fill with wind again? I know you are there and I know you are good, but this doesn't feel good. I believe you can speak a single word from your lips and make this all go away. I trust your ways are pure and I know you hold our future but what about today. 

Today hurts.  

Patiently, we wait for your plan to be revealed and your work to be made clear. I know that greatness waits for him on the other side of this journey but right now I can't see it through the raging storm.

Where are your angel armies? We have surrendered all to you and we humbly wait.
You are God, even the wind obeys your command. Yet you choose to let it swirl.

And somehow in the midst of this place I find peace, the peace needed to wait on your timing because I know you are never late.

With all of my pain and with all of my desires I still speak through the storm and say, 
Not my will but yours be done. 

Words that cannot yet leave my lips but are spoken to you through the voice of my heart. I don't know how to face tomorrow without you and I accept the peace that comes with knowing you are already there. 

This is my child whom you created. Although, it is hard to conceive I know you love him deeper than I ever could and that his suffering must bring you great pain.

We are ready Lord and we eagerly await you. 

Your Child

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