Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daddy The Rock Star!

Well, he may not have an instrument or even know how to play one and although he can't really carry a tune,  Daddy is a Rock Star in our house.

Since daddy is working out of town the whole house has been a little out of sorts.  But when he surprised us with an unexpected weekday arrival he was met with great fan fair!
The whole house erupted with joy.  Some were singing his name while others just chanted, "Daddy is great, daddy is great!"  Oh yes and lets not forget the multitude of fist pumps that took place.  If he had fifteen sets of ears it would still not have been enough to hear all of the stories that were flying at him at one time.  

Even my littlest was in on the excitement.  Once she finally made it into daddy's arms she wasn't planning on ever leaving.  He tried to hand her to me so he could change his clothes but she latched on with the death grip.  Really!  At first I thought she must not have seen who she was going to, that grip is usually  reserved for ONLY me... after the second attempt I realized that even she had apparently jumped on the bandwagon!

You know the rest of the world may not fully appreciate my husbands star quality but one thing is for sure Daddy is a Rock Star in our house.
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