Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poor Santa

This post is for all of you who have tried to recreate that perfect magazine image of the well dressed smiling children in front of the perfectly decorated Christmas tree.  We can be so taken in by the pictures believing that those in it must really have it all together.  I have recently heard it said that a picture is an artificial depiction of who we really are, because it is just a reflection of a single moment in time.

So this is for all of you that are like me and have a tendency to become picture OCD.  This my friends is a true depiction of a Bramlee Family Photo shoot... enjoy!

This one is a Can You Spy Santa game.
I think Santa will be setting a...2 kid per picture limit after this one.

Anareese loved her visit with Santa.

Almost a good one.

Right about now Santa is thinking, "I am getting to old for this!"

Someone suggested that mommy and mamaw get in the picture to help things a long.

And we almost had one but the mommy ruined it with a goofy smile.
Oh well we tried!

I am pretty sure Santa was reevaluating is career choice after this one .....

your photo name


  1. Miss Thing won't go near him if I'm not right beside her either. Not sure about the little man, we haven't tried yet this year.

  2. LOVE the pics, Carrie! And, I love Santa - he's the best!! I'll have to send you one of Amanda on Santa's lap when she was little. Oh, my....


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