Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Wish List

Daddy's List
Spend two weeks at the beach
  Go camping and fishing
Spend time with the family
 Not be in medical school
Get work done on the house

Mama's List
Learn more about photography
 Run a race
Organize all lessons before the beginning of the school year
Paint my house (inside)
Do a big service project as a family

Bullfrog's List
Game Night with just daddy
Get better at football
Go to WVU Basketball game
See a police car
Learn to whittle

Big Butterfly's List
Play Soccer
Get nails done
Go to an Art Museum
Go camping
Take a pottery class

Middle Butterfly's List
Get nails done
Take dance
Go swimming
Go to the beach
Go see Hannah

Little Butterfly's List
Spend time with mommy and daddy
Grow Hair
Gain weight
Play... a lot
Learn new words

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