Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Future Me

I have so much I want to say to you I don't even know where to begin.  I have desperately wanted to meet you, but it seems that I can't catch up to you.  I know so much about you even though we have not crossed paths yet.  I often think about what I would say or ask you if I were ever given a chance...

How do you manage to meet every adversity in your life with such grace and poise?  You never worry about life, always dealing with problems in such a way that seems seamless.  Your children are so well behaved and full of joy, a tribute to all of the ways that you have perfectly taught, mentored, and reared them throughout the years.  You discipline them with great calmness without mistakes or regrets, always knowing the perfect way to discern every problematic situation.  Your children are never without manners and always obedient to you and God's word.  Each child is so well behaved and filled with kindness at all times, never fighting or arguing with each other.   
 How do you manage to keep such an immaculately clean home while homeschooling your children?  Everything is always in its place and so well organized.  And yet some how you still have to time to create amazing and engaging lessons that always excite your children.  I will never understand how you are able to not only keep up with all of that laundry but have time to remove every stain as well.  And please tell me the secret to keeping your little ones closets, drawers, and rooms so neatly organized.  Probably one of your most impressive abilities is how you manage to get everywhere on time with your children dressed to perfection.
And you always look so put together, never tired or run down and wearing the perfect outfit.  With all that you do, you never miss a workout and stay in fantastic shape.  Each and every day you prepare perfectly delicious healthy organic meals that are enjoyed by your ENTIRE family without complaint.
 You also amaze me with your ability to know just what to say to a friend in need, and you are always available if ever someone should need your help.  It must be because of your diligent and uninterrupted devotion time that you spend with the Lord; nothing ever stands in the way of your Bible studies.  The Lord must be so proud of you and your NEVER wavering faithfulness.
One of your most impressive feats is your ability to keep all of your children so healthy.  You rarely if ever have to take them to the doctor, therefore you aren't in need of enlisting the help of your friends to watch your little ones. Oh, how I wish I knew your secret!!

The truth is I am not sure we will ever actually meet, but if we should please go easy on me.  Try not to judge the mistakes that I have made because although I fall short of my expectations, I give each day the very best of me.  You and I are so different... I long to be you but reality tells me that the chances of us ever catching up to each other are very slim.  At times I think we may be close, but then life takes a turn, and once again you seem light years away.  Please know that I think of you often with such great fondness, you are living the life that I dream too.  But for now, I will be content with being "imperfect me," living in my "imperfect life," learning the lessons that each day has to offer.  Hopefully, each lesson will bring me closer to meeting you, and one day, I may sit upon the pedestal that I have placed you upon with such reverence.

But if not... then I will anxiously await the day when we have our long over due introduction on the other side of heaven.

Until then all my love,

Romans 12:2  "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
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