Thursday, January 9, 2014

Being a Mama

Lets face it becoming a mother is job in itself.   We "willing" choose to wreck our bodies enduring the unthinkable for 40 long weeks, trading all physical comfort simply to have our sweet blessings. 

Or we spend countless hours praying little ones into our lives, birthing them through a deep passionate desire and  the blood sweat and tears that come with adoption. 

Regardless of how we were born into the job of motherhood we all under went the same transformation as our hearts grew large enough to accommodate another human being.  And although our stories may look a little different I know that we can all agree on one thing..... This job comes with the most incredible PERKS!

Where else in the world would someone...

  *Desperately want your kisses so badly that they aren't bothered by your morning breath

*Depend solely on you to care for their every need and not complain about the way you're doing it

*Care enough to cry for you when you leave the room

*Frantically search every room in the building just to make sure you haven't left

*Believe your kisses and hugs have magical healing powers

*Be so desperate to be in your arms that they cling to your legs

*Care less about your appearance, putting much more value on your ability to keep them fed, warm, and loved

When in life do you get to...

*Witness someones first "everything"

*Experience someone melting your heart with just a look in their eye

*Feel like the most important person in the world

*Restore your faith in the world by seeing the reflection of true innocence in their little eyes 

*Look past every flaw or mistake you ever made in life with such unconditional love 

*Witness the magic and wonder the world come alive around you by the mere sound of little laughter 

 *Desperately have someone want to be in your constant presence and NEVER tire of you

*Experience someone's NEED for your undivided attention more deeply or deservingly than anyone else in the world

*Be part of a world where dolls talk, reindeer fly, and best friends come with stuffing and fur

*Remove all fear and helplessness for another person, simply by placing your arms around them

*Have the opportunity to watch a tiny helpless person develop into an amazing thinking, achieving, and prosperous member of society.... And know that you had everything to do with it

Sure, this job is difficult and even impossible at times.  I am sure there is a list a mile long of all the things that are unpleasant, but I'll be honest I just can't seem to remember any of them....   

If we were given a chance to do it all over again, enduring whatever we faced to bring these little ones into our lives....We would say without hesitation... ABSOLUTELY!

Take heart dear mamas, your work is not in vein and even know it may go unnoticed by the world today it will become evident in legacy of the lives that we daily nurture.

Proverbs 38:28a  Her children arise and call her blessed.

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  1. Beautiful, Carrie! Brings back lots of sweet memories! ~ Jan L. :)


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