Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Little Light

On the corner of a busy street sits a big house full of people seeking a lot more than just shelter. In the middle of that house there is a beautiful light. And although most never notice it in the midst of the grand fixtures of the beautiful atrium, it's there, hidden behind the glass of a high window.

I can't help but feel nervous every time my eyes wonder in that direction, praying that it's illumination is muted with darkness. Ironic, since typically it is our desire for lamps to provide light, however not this one, for the silence of it's darkness means hope. I often avoid looking for fear of what I might see and then one day it happened... 

The light in all it's splendor was aglow peering from behind the glass of the highest window. My heart sank and began to ache for the recipient of it's illumination, for because a light left this world this light now shines.

This beautiful fixture stays lit for 24 hours whenever a child of this "home" returns to their eternal home. 

You can't live here without knowing and falling in love with other families. We become each others biggest fans and cheerleaders, supporting each other in ways others can't. So when that light shines for one, it breaks the hearts of all.

The truth is I can't help but feel connected to this light in a very special way, for if it had been standing here many years ago.... then it would have been lit for my sweet little sister. It was just before this house of hope was built that she went to her eternal home, in the very same hospital that I now seek help for my little ones.  

I have often visualized this little light 
specially lit in her honor, in celebration of the beautiful light that she was to  those that loved her, just as it has been for so many other children of this home. 

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