Wednesday, April 8, 2015

15 Years Ago

15 years ago I walked through a door and down an isle, looked into his eyes and said I do.

So what was I saying I Do to...

* To years of unconditional love

* To days filled with "for better and worse"

* To fear followed by peace

* To knowing that I would never face the trials of this world without a loving shoulder to comfort me

* To unexplainable joy in the midst of struggles

* To days filled with beautiful chaos

* To a man that loves his family more than life itself and has dedicated his very existence to being the best husband and father anyone could ever hope for

                            .... That's what I Do means! 

And even in the tremendous bliss of that moment, on that day, I couldn't fully comprehend the vast capabilities of our love or how deeply I would come to depend on it.

I am so blessed to walk beside him through this life. Together we face the challenges of each day with hope and faith, strengthening each other against the relentless storms that pass our way. We know God has purposefully placed this family together for a greater purpose than we could imagine. Anxiously, we await His timing in revealing all that He has planned for the products of our extraordinary love.

Todd, you exemplify what the true measure of a man is for our sons and set the bar high for the future spouses of our daughters. 

I love you more than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you for being our everything.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

                  So His Horse Wasn't White

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