Saturday, December 19, 2015

And So You Climb.

Often people will say to me, "I couldn't do what your doing." Or, "I can't even imagine."

The truth is we all have something in our lives that is difficult, something someone else would look at and say, "I don't know how they do it." 

Each obstacle in our lives are opportunities for us to stretch ourselves farther than we imagined possible, showing ourselves what we are really capable of accomplishing.

I think I found a way to illustrate what I mean. Have you ever been hiking?

Or perhaps mountain climbing?

Standing at the foot of a mountain is intimidating to say the least. Imagine yourself staring up at this infinte peek  feeling fear and anxiety swirl through your mind. You know the first step will be the hardest and struggle with coaxing yourself to do this insurmountable task.

There is no other away around it and so you do the unthinkable and begin the impossible.

Each movement in the beginning is painstaking and rigorous  You calculate each move with precision and thoughtfulness. 

Every new step is harder then the last and inside your mind race thoughts of all that can go wrong. These plaguing demons taunt you with ideas of retreat... but something deep within you keeps you going.

For inside of you lies a strength that has never been tapped into, and before this moment you didn't know it even existed.

Each new step reminds you of where you were and how much easier it was to stand on the solid ground that you left behind.

But somewhere in the climb a change occurs, calculated moves become mindless extensions of your body. Although, the fears and doubts still rest in the back of your mind they are now overshadowed by the determination that carries you up.

Your body seems to know what to do without guidance and movements that once seemed impossible for you to make, become natural motions.

Finally, before you know it you are standing at the top, breathing in the accomplishment of your great feat.

But suddenly you realize that your celebration is short lived, for in your vision now sits the next mountain that awaits you... taunting you once again with insecurities.

Again, you find yourself consumed with self doubt and uncertainty. How can you climb THIS mountain when your muscles still ache from the last?

You know that only one direction exists... so upward you go with same trepidation that weighed you down on your very first step.

As you painfully battle your way to the top once again you gain new confidence in yourself and what your body can actually endure.

But in the light of this new peek, as you relish in your success of conquering the rocks below, your vision begins to clear and a familiar sight comes into view once again...

And so you climb.

We all have mountains in our lives... if we don't presently,we will before long. Instinctively we cling to the safety of the solid soil beneath our feet but staying idol on the ground will only inhibit us from experiencing the breath taking views above.

Choosing to climb means we choose to feel the pain of the journey; but by making that choice we have chosen the ultimate reward, the beauty of the peek.. and it is so very worth it!

I will continue to climb every mountain that is laid out before me, until the day when I find that I have climbed my way to the majestic gates of Heaven.

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