Monday, September 19, 2011

The Journey Through The Storm

If you have checked out my post about Our Story: Video, then you have a pretty clear picture of the highlights of our journey.  But in order for you to get the full picture you need the rest of the story.  

God didn't just start waving a magic wand in our lives and create wondrous miracles, there was a process of transformation that had to take place in us before we ever saw the glory of God!  We started praying and fasting, seeking God's guidance and then we waited.  It was during those periods of wait that we learned that in order for God to move mountains in our lives we had to put down the shovel and quit trying to dig ourselves out.

The funny thing about telling God that you want His will for you life..... you have to let go of the reigns and take a back seat.  This wasn't easy for either Todd or me,  but we truly wanted to see what God could do with our lives... if He was the one running the show.  We realized early on that His plan would be far bigger and better than anything that we could imagine for ourselves.

I have learned to ask God to never let me pray a prayer that is to small.  I can't think as big as He can or plan in the same beautiful details that He does.  So I have a choice, 
 to control it all and do it my way.... and settle 
let Him pushing, pulling, and stretching me to my full potential.

But what you need to know most about our miracle filled journey is that the pushing, pulling, and stretching part.... had a tendency to hurt, a lot!  Unfortunately, in order for us to be the people that God could lead, we needed to be changed and  transformed....
and it was very uncomfortable at times!

During our journey we have had to make choices and sacrifices in order to travel on the path that God has led us.  We were scared and confused at times praying that we were making the choices that were of His will.  We cried out when things got difficult and at times we couldn't hear God through the storm.   We hung on to the promise that He would remain faithful to us, but He required the same of us.

We always prayed for doors that weren't His will to be closed, but sometimes it seemed as if the windows were closed as well and nothing but darkness surrounded us.  
We looked to His word for light
 and reflected on all that He had done to get us to were we where.

We came through the storm because we never took our eyes off of the one leading us.  Yes, we have seen many miracles, but we have seen them because we put aside our own desires to seek God's will, because we knew that that is where we would find our true happiness.  

We saw miracles because we expected them and we never stopped looking for them.

Wen your will for yourself... matches God's will for you, 
you are guaranteed to see miracles!

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