Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grace Day # 2

Well, the fist Grace Day turned out so well that we all couldn't wait for the next one.  So when Friday rolled around (our newly designated Grace Day), we were all very excited!  I was anxious to see what my little students would choose this time around....once again they surprised me!  My two oldest were already checking out their piggy banks that morning, it is birthday season in our house, which means they all have accumulated some birthday cash.  So naturally both of them said, "Money, we want to learn about money!".

I got to work and to find some great things to do with money for the day and I will have to say I think it was another winner! 

First we watched a video on YouTube about how money is made,  I found it quite interesting and the kids asked to watch it again....

Then we reviewed the value of each coin and worked out problems from some worksheets that I had on hand.

After that we learned a fun poem to help us remember the value of each coin.

We used money words to practice our cursive handwriting, thanks to a  great worksheet generator.

  For copy work we used a scripture verse about money which I printed off of the worksheet generator also.

We also listened to a story online from the Screen 
Actors Guild Foundation (we couldn't find a book about money but it was still fun).

For reading time I wrote a silly story about a little man that wanted to buy a purple van,  my oldest informed me that my story really wasn't that funny....Oh well we can't all be Dr. Seuss!


Then we moved on to the highlight of the day...our own personal grocery store, where we were able to apply everything that we had learned during the day.  

Even AG got in on the action... although she kind of missed the point she still had a lot of fun shopping!

Another day filled with fun and laughter, I can't wait to see what our third Grace Day will have in store for us!

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  1. Carrie you are the BEST teacher and mom I have ever known other than your Grammy for which you two are tied and you know that means you are in GREAT company. I know she is smiley down on you with pride. I love you sweetie. YOU are AMAZING! God bless you.


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