Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grace Day #1

We have recently started trying something new with our homeschooling.  This great idea came from a wonderful little book that I am reading with some amazing women.  The idea is to have one day, "Grace Day"  where the kids get to choose what they would like to learn about for that day.  The only requirement is that it has to be something educational in nature.  I wasn't sure how this was going to play out and to be honest I really thought that they would make request Legos. However, since beginning this strategy I have realized that I can take even those types of requests and make them educational.  This has been so much fun for not only the kids but for me as well.  There is so much excitement  when I gather them up and say, "OK it's Grace Day, what do you want to learn about."  

I thought I would share our first Grace Day with you so you could see just how much fun we had.
So...what did they pick for Grace Day #1?  Well, I have to say my little ones surprised me somewhat. With great enthusiasm one shouted out, "I want to learn about nature", another, "animals", and someone wanted to write a story.  After the selections were made I sent them off to complete there morning chores and I began to print off some lessons in their chosen areas.

And here's where the fun began......

First we studied about plants and photosynthesis....

And then we learnded about an unique animal called an Okapi.

We had a great time walking  like an Okapi!

And then we measured our tongues and compared them to the Okapi's tongue

The Okapi's tongue can be up to 18 inches, our's were around 1-2 1/2 inches.

We even took a break to have a race outside!

We then regrouped inside for some story writing and then used our Out of This World Math Game for some review time.

I  have to say that I really like "Grace Day" as much as my little ones.  No one complains about any of their work and we all laugh....a lot.  I am pretty sure that "Grace Day" is here to stay!

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  1. My wonderful, amazing and beautiful grand children. Just like their parents. How blessed am I. Thank you God for my blessings in my children and grand children from coast to coast to coast. Now God, could you find a way to make those coast closer geographically! lol


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