Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Promise Land

Where are we in our journey?
Well to be honest I feel a little like the Israelites wondering around in the desert.  We know that The Promise Land is near by but we just don't know which direction we are suppose to start making footprints. I am sure that the dry desert posed many of it's own problems but the thought of another dead end journey must have seemed unbearable to the traveling mass.  I have come to realize that we aren't much different than this brood of wanderers. I have often wondered how in the world a two week trip could turn into a forty year fiasco, I  am sure that none of Israelites intended to become discouraged or doubtful but nevertheless they did and the result was years of being lost.

 It can be so easy to become distracted by the trials of our journey that we begin to loose sight of the path that we are on and our intended destination.  
Fall 2010
As for us, we are eager to go where God wants us to go but at the moment there is a cloud of dust blocking our view of the Promise Land.  What we do know is that God's timing is always perfect and that those that earnestly seek His will with a pure heart will never be forsaken.

 Our plan:  To hold on to His word and know that one day He will reveal our Promise Land.  
And for now we will just try to keep our eyes on our cloud by day and the fire by night, knowing that no matter where we go God will be leading us.
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