Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch Monster

The Pumpkin Patch!!
I don't mind to admit that this is one of my favorite fall events that we do as a family, however med school hasn't allowed for it for the past two years.  So you can imagine how excited we....OK.... I ....was to finally be able to go back this year.  I wanted it to be perfect!  The sun was shining the temperature was amazing, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting.

And then obsessive compulsive mommy joined the party....

I was so busy trying to dress everyone in the perfect fall outfits and get them excited for the event....that I drove everyone crazy.   It would be safe to say that I started to suck the fun right out of the day before it even took place.  
My husband understanding my need to recreate this perfect image that had been building for the past two years, just silently stood by and allowed my tirade.  I am blessed with an amazing man that calmly reminded me of all of 
the reasons that I had had for going on this outing in the first place, none of which had anything to do with clothing or shoes.  

 Despite my initial attitude we managed to have a wonderful family day filled with great memories.  I guess even Mamas are entitled to temper tantrums every now and then...right!

My lesson.... 
To relax and just let things happen.  Today I learned what perfection really looks like, and to my surprise it has nothing to do with outward appearances. 

 My children managed to have an amazing time even though they weren't wearing the outfits that I had envisioned for them....  And I managed to have a wonderful day with my family, even though my girls weren't wearing perfectly matched hair bows!  
Thankfully I transformed from the Pumpkin Patch Monster back into the mommy that my kids love,  in plenty of time for us all to really enjoy the true beauty of the day!

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