Monday, October 10, 2011

Blessings Disguised as Struggles

I am working under a new attitude, I am seeing things differently and praying for a joyful spirit.  Don't get me wrong I didn't say that I was good at least not yet!  But I am striving to achieve this new goal.

Homeschooling at Valley Forge

So today I am going to spend time thanking God for our blessings that are disguised as struggles.  These struggles force me to rise above where I am as a mother and a teacher.  I have to constantly improve my knowledge and awareness to be a better parent....and I am thankful for that!

Now, I didn't say that I am always joyful or even come close to being all that they need me to be everyday, but I am a better person simply because I am challenged.  I wish I could tell you that I always enjoy this challenge or that I complete it amazing well consistently.  Thankfully, "His mercies are new every morning",  so I have the opportunity to do better everyday.

Struggles aren't punishment they are opportunities to become something better than we are, keeping us from becoming stale or stagnant.  God doesn't create our hardship but like any good parent He allows us the privilege of working through them on our own accord, but His gentle hand is always waiting to catch us if we fall or celebrate with us when we succeed.

What if I didn't have struggles, what kind of person would I be?

Thank you Lord for allowing me to have these struggle disguised blessings, but please never leave my side because the climb is so much easier knowing that your hand is waiting to catch me should I fall!

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  1. Carrie, thank you for that! I really needed it! Excellent!

  2. Oh Julie thank you! I am so glad, there is so much comfort that comes with knowing that we are not alone in our journeys.


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