Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Unwanted Visitor!

We have had an unwanted guest come to live in our home and quite frankly I am not happy about it!
I am not even sure when he came to stay with us but it is high time he hit the road.

It is one thing to have a pleasant guest but it is completely another thing when that guest repeatedly leaves messes everywhere and has no regard for other people or their things.

I can't say that I ever see him do these things but my children must, for they seem to know him better than I do and see him perform his mischievous deeds.  Whenever I wrongly suggest that one of them may have left a mess they are quick to inform me that Mr. Not'me was at it again.

So to you Mr. Not'me, you have worn out your welcome and need to pack your things and be on your way. 

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