Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Parker's Light

 It's amazing to me how something that never changes, nor moves can look so different at times.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati there is this one little lamp perched high above the heads of those walking by below, peeking out of the same window day after day.

Yet, somehow every time it is turned on it looks dramatically different. Each glow of it's light represents a special little life, and for that reason alone it takes on an entirely different appearance with each click of its switch. In fact it goes much further than simply it's appearance, even the ownership over this lamp changes each time it is called to duty.

Those that know of this lamp understand all to well the powerful metamorphic change that takes place with each illumination of it's bulb. They understand that the job of this lamp exceeds the job of any other lamp, casting so much more than just light on those that view it. Now this lamp shines again but this time it is Parker's light.

When you live in a world of coexisting strangers going through difficult times a wonderfully amazing thing happens.... these perfect strangers become family.

Over a year ago Parker's family became our family.  Throughout this year we have shared a house with them, meals with them, laughs with them.... and now tears.

Parker's mama, Amber, grew to be a dear friend of mine. When I needed an understanding ear, God would allow our paths to cross. Whether our visits took place on the way to the hospital cafeteria or an early morning coffee pot, our time together would always leave me feeling hopeful and encouraged. 

Amber has always been an inspiration to me and so many others, even now through her grief she continues to inspire so many people. 

God has great plans for Parker's light and the amazing family that has allowed it to shine so proudly for all of the world to see. Throughout their journey they have remained faithful to God, giving Him the glory every step of the way. 

And now even in their heartache, when it appears to the world that there is no glory to give, the Brown family holds tight to the hope that is in Jesus Christ by sharing His light through the life of their son.

Ryan and Amber, may we all live up to your example of faithfulness and help you shine Parker's Light on this world for years to come.

John Parker Brown
Parker dance with the angels sweet boy, free from pain... 
one day we will join you. 

We will forever be Team Parker!

For the story of  lamp follow the link This Little Light
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