Saturday, October 11, 2014

By the Light of the.... Little Pump

I have recently become aware of new talent that I have unknowingly developed. Isn't it funny how you can move through your day and not even realize that you have picked up odd habits.

I don't mind to admit that our little superhero has challenged everything I know... or thought I knew about child rearing. Nothing with Cohen has seemed to follow suit with his four older siblings.  But I have had to learn how to grow and stretch my understanding of parenting in order to accommodate his unique needs. Along the way I have not only learned many things about myself but I have apparently developed new gifts as well.

So what is this new talent you ask...

Well, awhile back all of our bedroom clocks decided to retire themselves and for one reason or another they were never replaced. Now, it has come to my attention that I have found another more unconventional way to tell the hour throughout our long nights.

A short while ago I realized that I have been periodically waking and looking at the level of Cohen's formula to determine the time. Because Cohen has the same rate every night, I can tell how much time we have left for sleep by looking at how much formula he has left in his bag. It's a strange gift I know and one I had been developing for longer than I realized.

Who knew that when we welcomed that glowing little noise maker into our bedroom that I would find another extraordinary use for it (I mean besides its, sustaining the life of my child one).

I guess you could say that this is my little way of turning lemons into lemonade!

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