Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Superhero: Cohen's Story (Super Cohen's Crusade for FPIES)

I realize that perhaps some of you have become pretty numb to my relentless requests to pass along information about my son's condition.

Please before you scroll past another one of my posts understand why I do it...

This media is all I have at the moment to feel as though I am doing anything productive for my child and his illness. I am left without resources to help my son and it is a helpless feeling as a parent, one that I hope none of my Facebook friends ever find themselves experiencing. So I am doing the only thing I can... I am advocating for a change so that my son and others can live fuller and less painful lives.

I pray you never have to hold a limp and lifeless child.
I pray you never have to hear a doctor say, "we just don't know what to do."
I pray that you are never told that your child cannot eat.
I pray you never have to experience the pain that comes watching your child suffer.
I pray that you will help us spread awareness and bring light to this illness.

Global FPIES Day is about sharing our stories to help others that might be caught in the painful cycle of misdiagnosis and to raise awareness that will bring about critically needed research.
My child cannot eat food and that affects every aspect of our family's life. It is our everyday that we hope you will chose to help us fight.
I ask you... because I need you! There are still so many doctors that have never heard of FPIES. Please share our story, Cohen and his friends need your help.

Please visit Cohen's Facebook Page, LIKE it and share it to help spread awareness.

Happy Global FPIES Day!

How Our Journey Began     Here's the story of one little Superhero...
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