Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Chance to Experience a God'cident!

Adjective  1. The real definition of coincident
                 2. An act that takes place so that God can remind us that He is the one in control.

God is so amazing and it shouldn't be surprising to find out that the world He created is smaller then it seems.  You just never know where your mouse click is going to take you!
Today I was randomly searching the internet for a "Good Friday" Family Devotional and I did what I always do, typed my desired information into the address bar in my Google search engine.  A long list of places popped up and I chose one to investigate...not the first one , not even the second.  I don't know what made this particular one stand out.  I read the devotional and decided that it would work nicely for our morning devotion time.  After a few minutes of reading over everything I glanced over to the right side of the page and noticed a list of blog links. Normally, I don't have time to check them out but for some reason I clicked on one (like before it wasn't even the first one on their list).  I quickly realized that the couple I was reading about  were missionaries in Africa and I started to read a few of the entries, to be honest I was really more a scanning then reading, at first.  My eyes caught a few sentences that told a familiar story and I suddenly found myself once again hearing little Hannah Kelley's story from a very unexpected source.  Here is the link to the entry I God'cindently came across.

This is a beautifully written tribute to those that know God's comfort first-hand, one of which I had come to know fairly well after a close friend's simple prayer request for their friends sick child.

What a small world we live in.  I believe that God brings us comfort when it is needed and there is no greater comfort then to see lives being touched for Christ by those that we have lost.  

Hannah Kelley was only 13 months old when she completed her life's work here on earth.  Here life and her parents commitment should be an example to us all and proof that God is BIGGER!  Please continue to follow the Kelley's missionary journey here and see how Baby Hannah is still impacting the world from God's side of the rainbow.
Aaron In Kenya

So once again God teaches me more then I ever expected.   I thought that I was just looking for a way to teach my children about the ultimate sacrifice that was made for ALL of us and I ended up getting to see God's amazing power... once again.  God continues to lay this family on my heart and I pray that everyone who hears Hannah and her families story will draw nearer to Him.  Although I don't know either of these families personally I am related to them through our "family connection" because we share a love for the one that conquered the grave.   I will continue to pray for them because that is what I was called to do.  Please join me in pray for the Kelley family, specifically for their comfort though this extremely difficult time and their continued work in Africa, as well as the missionary work of the Myhre Family.  

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Thank you for these little reminders that you give us Lord.  Showing us that you are truly bigger than this world we live in and anything that we may face while we visit this little place called Earth! 

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