Friday, June 10, 2011


Anareese Elizabeth (or Resse Cup as Addyson likes to call you, which is pretty funny because she doesn't even know what a Reese cup you have had a big couple of weeks.  You are now using a sippy cup, eating rice cereal, and sitting all by yourself!

You are sleeping in your not-so-big girl bed now.....

We had your first family photo's taken.

This past week you took your first ride on an airplane and then enjoyed your first trip to the beach.  

On the way to the beach.....
On the way home.....yes, you sleep the entire trip, both directions!

But a first trip to the beach just wouldn't be complete without tasting the sand, which by the way 
didn't taste nearly as good as you had anticipated!

Unfortunately, you also had the opportunity to experience your first antibiotic, which was followed by an allergic reaction!
And now not only are you getting your first tooth but you are already getting your second one too!  I'm sure going to miss that toothless grin.

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  1. It was so very much fun being at the beach altogether. Nothing can beat the feeling of having all your children and grandchildren (or all most all) sleeping under one roof with you. Its a mother's dream come true. Momma/Grammy


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