Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Language of Our Own

There are certain little words that my children have created, some still exist and some have faded away. 
 I choose not to correct these words because frankly....
 I miss them when there gone!

Fridge-a-fridger ~ Refrigerator (Long since gone)

Milk-Milk          ~ He use to create doubles for everything, even his Uncle
Snack-Snack        Jay-Jay -which stuck for everyone else too!    
Remembery        ~Used for remembering a memory, this is one of my absolute
                             favorites.  I am thinking about having it added to the dictionary.
                             (Still around, thank goodness)

Well quite frankly there aren't to many, she has never been much of a talker.  However, she had the tiniest little voice you have ever heard..a.k.a. "The Disney Voice"

~There has to be some....let me think on it!

Sparkles~ What she called freckles for the longest time....I really miss this one, sparkles sounds so much    
                 more glamours!

Lellow     ~  I think I like it better than the word yellow, actually! (Still around at this point, but I am afraid it's
                   on the way out)

Milky       ~  Obviously for milk (still around)

Snombie   ~  Her and her siblings have created a game of tag, she follows after them saying, " I'm a snombie"

Friesday   ~  I can't wait for this day to roll around each week just so I can hear her say it!

Ma'ams    ~ When I ask her to do something she replays, "I ma'ams doing it mama."

Pizzer and Cindereller ~  Possibly Cinderella's alter ego!

Idea'er   ~  "I have an idea'er!"

Toys-for-us  ~ Is apparently her favorite store!

Snooder-doodles~ Snicker doodle cookies

We anxiously wait to hear all of her wisdom.... so far just the regular "dadadada" and then there are her famous raspberries!

Da-deee   ~ Everything is called da-deee

Hi- Hi-Hi  ~ Will make a great greater someday

Wah-u ~ For water which she loves pointing out everywhere we go.

I plan to add more as they create new ones and I as I remember the old ones!  
I can't wait to hear what will come out of those sweet little lips next.

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  1. I LOVE snombie. --Kara (I can't comment using my google account for some reason)


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