Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Very Different Views!

The way I saw it....

It was a long frustrating and worrisome night.  Todd and I trying to decided when to administer which medication, when to wait it out, and when to admit it was more than we could handle.  My son has gone almost an entire year without an Asthma attack and I was ready to declare him over it!  

It was slumber party night at our house, which means we watch a movie and then everyone brings their sleeping bags into our room for a slumber party.  We hadn't been in bed long when we heard "the cough." My husband and I looked at each other, we know that sound all to well.  Still believing that he was not going to have any more attacks we waited lying very still and trying not to make a noise.....I don't know why we thought that would help other than when your desperate you will try anything.  It didn't take long for us to realize that we were in a full blown attack, probably one of the worst that we had seen in awhile.  

So we began the regimen....prayer, breathing treatments, steam, propping them up on a mountain of pillows, steroids, steam, and breathing treatments again!  We put him in bed with me so I could monitor his breathing while daddy took his place on the floor so he could stay near by.  After a long exhausting two hours...we had won the battle.  I could finally rest my head on my pillow, thankful for the silence and that God kept us out of the emergency room.  

The way he saw it...

We had spent long periods of time in the hot steamy bathroom trying to make it easier for him to breath.  As a way of trying to keep him calm I began talking to him about the day's events, we had gone to see the Battle of Lewisburg (he is my little history buff to say the least)!

Later we curled up in bed together, I pulled him close to me so I could hear his breathing.  We laid there in bed and I stroked his sweaty little head while I whispered how much I loved him.  He was restless and exhausted from the violent coughs and jittery from all the medications.  A little while later he rolled over and said to me in a soft sweet little voice, "Mama, this is the best slumber party night ever."  I couldn't help but giggle at the thought, I had just spent the past two hours in an exhausting fight to keep him out of the hospital.  He, on the other hand only remembered daddy and I taking turns spending time with him, talking to him and holding him for hours.  

Two very different views of one event! 

Once again I am amazed by the beautiful perspective of life seen through the sweet 
little eyes of my children.
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