Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take Me or Leave Me!

In lieu of today I thought that I would share a few corky habits of mine!  
Things that I don't claim to be sane or even rational, 
just things that make!

Matching P.J's for the little ones...
I can't stand it if the kids come out dressed for bed in mismatched pajamas.  They now make it a point to come out and say, "Look Mama....matching jammies!"

This dishwasher MUST run every night...
Want to upset me...just leave dishes in my sink overnight!  I can't bare to wake up in the morning to dirty dishes in the dishwasher either.  It messes up my routine in the morning which begins with unloading the dishwasher.  I have even been known to get up in the middle of the night to do the dishes if they had been forgotten (which happened just last night).

Holes in socks....
My son and husband have no problem with wearing socks with holes in them.  It is beyond me how anyone could do such an absurd thing!  I'm a holey sock trashing Mama!

While we are on the sock thing...
The same husband and son also have no problem wearing mismatched socks.  My husband will even knowingly put two different socks (and by two different I mean that there is no discrimination in size, color, or style) on the children.....I mean the nerve!!!

Bows in hair...
O.K. I have gotten a little better with this one but still for the most part my girls are not fully dressed without some fluffy color in their hair.  We LOVE bows... to say the least!

Public restrooms...
In my defense this one is not so much a cork as it is just good practice.  I don't let my kids touch the toilet or the toilet paper (until I unroll about half of the roll).......second thought can we just try to make it home?
And please stop calling those holes in the ground with cones on top of them (at all of the State Parks) bathrooms, they are not even close to usable, in my book!  Sorry boys... No running water, No Mama!

Matchy, matchy...
So if this was a count down to my number one cork, I guess this would be number one.  In fact if there was a trivia question about me and "my most extreme cork",  I'm sure that my good friends would get it right every time.  I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE to dress my girls in matching's a border line obsession you could say. I will even try to sneak in a somewhat matching outfit for my son from time to time.  I admit I have a problem....don't judge me just love me!

So there it is....just some of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!  
I don't claim to do it all correctly nor am I attempting to 
set any precedents... 
just trying to be the best me I can be.
 (Sound to Dr. Seusssish?)  
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  1. LOL..if that's all you got then your doing pretty good. So I am the same when it comes to socks and dishes. Mark makes fun of me because I cannot get a good night sleep until the dishes are done. I guess they are right sisters are a like and we are almost alike in every way. I'm a lucky girl because your pretty awesome!!

  2. don't forget:
    ~how you make fists and shake your hands when you get excited, mad, or scared!!!
    ~ you are obsessed with organic foods!


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