Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well,  you could say that the past week has not been one of our finer ones. I have been extremely ill and on top of that we have been battling the ugly beast in our life......

I don't mind to tell you that I think it is highly unfair that three of my four (still praying that the baby will be in the clear) have Asthma.  We have unfortunately become quite the experts in the matter, much to our own dislike. 

I would much rather deal with my pneumonia anytime, then watch my babies go through these awful episodes.  Each scenario begins much the same, we have our regimen of medication, however often we find ourselves helpless and at the mercy of the beast.  

Well, that is not the actual truth... we believe in a much higher and far more powerful source.  Prayer is the medicine we reach for first, before all of the rest.  So once again I will hand them over to the only one that could ever love them more and pray that He will heal these little lungs and keep my angels safe...yet again!
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