Monday, May 2, 2011

Their Eyes

Have you ever paid attention to just how revealing eyes can be, some have even referred to them as "the windows to our souls."  Even the smallest child can communicate to you through their eyes.  I have come to learn that the key to truly understanding my children is to spend time looking into their sweet little eyes.

How easy it is to speak to them without even looking their way or 
multi-task while they are trying to confide in me.  

Their eyes hold so much hope, faith, and love that can only be seen if their eyes meet mine.  I am afraid that every missed opportunity will eventually equal fewer attempts by them and less opportunities for me to make that connection with them.  

So I will do my best to look past the beautiful shades of blue and green to see what those little windows will reveal to me.  I want to learn all I can about my sweet little ones 
and be able to see things through their eyes... 

the world is such a beautiful place from their view!

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