Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear June 30, 2015,

Although you are completely unaware of it, you were 12 years in the making, our goal date and the passing of one journey into the next.

Today is the day that we have fixed our eyes upon for years, watching, waiting, and sometimes feeling as though you would never come at all... and yet here you are!

12 years ago my wonderful husband came to me and said, "What would you say if I told you I thought God was calling me to be a doctor?"

Those words were the first steps in our long journey of faith... a journey that produced many struggles, storms and sacrifices... but the blessings always far out weighed them all. 

I realize that there may be those that question our use of the word, "called."  It requires a belief in a creator that is bigger than ourselves, a belief that something has the ability and the power to call us out of our own desires.

The Bible tells the history of many ordinary people like MosesDaniel and David who were called to do extraordinary things. Their lives serve as examples, reminding us of God's desire to use the unlikely to do the likely. Why? Because it allows the world to see that He is the one who is truly in control. 

Being "called" doesn't mean you are better or more loved than another person, only that you are willing to allow God to use you. When my husband surrendered his own will, trading his badge for a stethoscope, he walked away from 14 years of  hard work. He gave up his career, his comfort, and financial security in order to follow a call . 

Our calling is not unlike so many others where God has chosen to take an unqualified man and make him qualified. 

God's power has been more than evident throughout our journey. We cannot help be give Him the glory for our success, which was made possible only through the countless miracles He provided; like the knock at our door, the miracle at midnight, and the click of a mouse.

Every step of our journey has been taken only after praying, fasting and asking God to only open the doors that would lead us to His will. Although, our faith has been tested many times we have always focused our eyes on God, seeking His guidance and accepting His restoring peace

So welcome June 30, 2015, we've been waiting for you. Today we will walk out of this journey and into the next, excited to see what wonderful things God has in store for our little brood.

My prayer for our lives is that we will always serve as light into this world, revealing God's love for ALL of His children.

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