Saturday, April 2, 2011

With a Click of the Mouse!

On a snowy November morning in 2008 Todd set out for a day that we weren't sure would ever arrive.  It was the interview of a lifetime, or so it felt like, he was scheduled to go before the panel at 2:00 PM (this time is significant later in the story).  The roads were so bad it took him twice as long to get to Lewisburg as it should have, but obviously rescheduling was not an option!

Earlier that month, out of faith we decided to register Todd for a class that he would only need if he was accepted into medical school, otherwise it would have just been a waste of money.  He was told that the class was full but he could be placed on a waiting list, but not to get his hopes up.  So we just prayed that God would work it out if He saw fit.

The day of the interview was a difficult one for me because I was left to watch the clock wondering how things were going.  I had committed myself to "pray him through the day," it was the only thing I could control and the only way I could help him.  I noticed the clock turn 2:00 and as I began to pray for him the phone rang.  I debated whether I should keep praying or answer it, my curiosity won out. When I picked up the phone I saw that it was a call from WV State University.  The voice on the other end said "I am calling to inform you that Todd has been accepted into our class for next semester," (the class he only needed if he got into med. school).  I knew in that moment that we had just received another one of our divine confirmations.

Weeks were passing as we waited for "the answer", this was the BIG DOOR!  We were now standing at the fork in the road that we had anxiously waited for.  Years of wanting to know what our future would hold was now upon us, we would finally know one way or the other what direction our lives were about to take.

 January 2009

We began to live and die by the click of the mouse.  Believe it or not you are notified of your acceptance through the computer first and then by letter.  Multiple times a day for weeks we would check his account for the words "Admission Accepted" or "Denied Acceptance."  I can still remember the feeling in my stomach every time we got ready to click the mouse to access his page. We were never sure when it would be "The Click," the moment that could redirect the rest of our lives and the lives of our children.

Todd was at work and I was home alone with kids.  I just wanted to take a quick peek, it couldn't hurt... I was confident that it wasn't going to reveal anything, just like the hundreds of times before.  But suddenly before me were the words "Admission Accepted," I felt my knees go weak and a thousand thoughts raced through my mind.  Life as we knew it had just ended and everything was about to change.  I think in the back of my mind I was still waiting on God to shut this door and move us on to a different plan (a simpler plan), but He chose this one.  This was such a bitter sweet moment for me, years of work and money had paid off, yet the change that laid before us was so overwhelming.

So I sat there, alone with God praising Him for His faithfulness and pleading with Him for strength.....
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