Friday, April 1, 2011

Miracle at Midnight

This journey all began when my husband told me that he thought he wanted to go to medical school. We hadn't been married long and I had already started school to earn a degree in elementary education. Now, I am a firm believer in God's will and allowing Him to direct us wherever He so chooses, but this seemed to me like it was going to be a stretch even for Him. Don't get me wrong, my husband is an intelligent man but we had a long way to go to get from Police Officer in Charleston to med school and becoming a doctor. So we did the only thing that we knew would work for sure.....we prayed.....and prayed.....and prayed. I guess you could say that we threw out the proverbial lambs wool and let God decide if this would be our journey.

After all the requirements were met and the do or die time approached, we began to feel the pressures of this life changing decision. So once again we turned to the only thing we knew, prayer! This time we decided to ask God to only open the doors that were part of His plan. Our fear of walking through a door that did not lead to His will was greater than any thing we could desire for ourselves. One by one doors began to open and they just kept leading us closer and closer to medical school (much to our surprise, I don't mind telling you).

The deadline for applications was approaching quickly and Todd had only one opportunity left to take the MCAT. So late one night I sat down to register him for the dreaded test, the one that seemed to determine our fate. My heart sank as I read the words "all seats full," over and over again. I checked a three state radius to see if anyone had any seats still available and found nothing. So I closed the computer at 11:30 PM and began to pray. "Lord if this is a door closing then we will accept it and begin to search once again for your will. I can't control this Lord, only you can, so if this is still your will then we need a miracle." A few moments later (11:50 to be precise) I mustered up the courage or faith I should say and tried again. What I saw next took my breath away, in big bold red letters across the web page it said
"New Seats Will Be Made Available At 12:00 AM."
I spent the next 10 minutes thanking the Lord for his faithfulness. Don't get me wrong if it had gone the other way I would have still thanked Him for His faithfulness. It was just nice to have divine confirmation that we hadn't veered of His path. This was just the first of many miracles that lead us to where we are today! 

We are proof that He is ALWAYS faithful!

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  1. Ohh how I remember sitting at your house helping fill out information on ALLLLLL the classes Todd had taken over the years and filling out the letter grade, what school, and how many credit hours. It seemed like forever ago! God's timing was perfect though, how you moved to Lewisburg and I moved to college because if you had moved any earlier I'm not sure what I would have done!! I love you and am so thankful for guys MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!!!!!

  2. You are part of our family, we love you so much!


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