Thursday, April 21, 2011

If This Was a Test Then I Get an F

You could say that I have never been one to assert myself!  I have always hated any type of confrontation or even the remote possibility of confrontation.  Now that I have children I have tried to overcome my inability to speak up.

It is pretty safe to say that I failed this time!  At the dentist office, I went up to the front desk to tell them I needed to go back with my daughter (my son was already back there too).  I was told by the receptionist to just wait until the dentist was ready to talk to me about all three of my children.  A little taken aback I said, "Well I would like to check on my daughter."  She then proceeded to look back towards the chairs where my daughter was and said, "I can see her she's doing fine."  I walked back to my seat in a state of shock.

The longer I sat there the more angry I became...
so I told them how I felt...
well most people would have I am sure, but of course I said nothing.

I kept saying (to myself), "You won't let me go to MY children!"  I could never bring myself to say those words out loud and as you can tell, I am obviously still upset.  Although, I never believed that my children were in any real danger, the thought of someone else telling me that I couldn't see them still blows my mind.

I WILL do better next time ...simply because my kids are counting on me.  No longer will my need to not offend someone, interfere with the needs of my little ones! 

Sweet babies your mama is a work in progress, I will never claim to be perfect.  However, I will always work hard to make your tomorrow even better than your today.

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