Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eight under Eight

We have borrowed a few more bullfrogs and butterflies for the day.  Take it from me if you want a new perspective on life spend the day with eight little ones under the age of eight.  As hard as it may be for anyone to understand it isn't any more challenging then it usually is around here.  Maybe it's because we have such a great chemistry with this family, whatever the case may be it is a great day.

I highly recommend listening to the conversations of these age groups, it really puts life back into perspective.  What are the ages you ask....  Two 8 year olds, a 7 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a 6 month old.  So far today we have recreated the solar system, made our very own paper dolls, created lots of artwork, played house and even a very educational game of school (and the day is only half over).  Kids can figure out what they want to do and organize themselves so much faster than most adults.  Trust me I have my own focus group...I know!

These little ones have a unique view of life, if only we could all keep such an innocent perspective.  Why do we feel the need to complicate our lives with so much worry and fear?  In the words of the children, "Don't worry God will take care of you."  

Believe it or not... they are coming back in a few days and YES we really are excited to do it again!  Somebody call Ripley!
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  1. I'll have to take your word for it. I can't imagine. . .

  2. I have always said once you have the third child, it's easy. You just have to learn how to hold on without having a third hand....and of course realizing that the extra hands seem to be provided by God in his infinite wisdom. The more the merrier. The grandmother of a bullfrog and four butterflies.


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